BOLL Engineering AG - Added value for the channel

Founded in 1988, the IT company BOLL Engineering AG is the leading value-added distributor for IT security and networking products in Switzerland, with strong growth as a solution provider in Germany and Austria. The company with headquarters in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne (CH) and Ulm (D) distributes groundbreaking solutions in the areas of network and endpoint security, cloud-native and SOC security, identity and access security, vulnerability management and penetration testing, e-mail security, including PKI and certificates, physical security and awareness training as well as networking. With this combination of pioneering products and solutions with unique services, BOLL creates sustainable added value for the channel. This constantly growing company is privately owned and employs approximately 60 people.

Thanks to services for lasting success

With BOLL, channel partners have the support of an experienced, competent, and dedicated VAD which provides all the «ingredients» for success in the competitive and dynamic IT security market. To achieve this, BOLL adds value with its comprehensive range of IT security products and solutions with countless high-quality extras and services which far surpass regular distribution services. These services, provided by only experienced staff, include business development, made-to-measure marketing and sales services, and tech and logistics services as well as high-quality training and qualification courses in its in-house «Premier Authorized Training Center» (ATC). The tech support provided exclusively by qualified engineers in our «best-rated» support center is truly groundbreaking, as is the engineering of client- and project-specific add-ons or the customizing of whole projects.

Success factors for reseller

Even the most advanced technological solutions need targeted marketing measures in order to succeed on the market. BOLL therefore supports its channel partners in launching new products and developing dedicated markets. This includes, amongst other services, business development services, including advice on new technologies, evaluation of disruptive products, and development of new markets. It also includes joint market cultivation and/or long-term marketing services such as telemarketing and lead generation as well as the joint development of promising business cases. Comprehensive marketing communication services complete the range. These include, for example, push-and-pull communication measures such as case studies, leaflets and flyers, sale aids, and news content. BOLL also offers its channel partners support in organizing and holding events and road shows-including in its own fully equipped «plug-and-play» seminar and event room named Space56, in Wettingen.

To boost channel partners' chances of success, BOLL also offers a wide range of sales services. These include product advice, validation of architectures and concepts, license advice, support with PoC, product-sizing services, and telephone help with tenders and preparation of made-to-measure offers.

The business enabler

As an IT security distributor pioneer, BOLL has devoted itself to being more than primarily a provider and logistics expert. It is therefore fully dedicated to acting as a «trusted advisor», a long-term thinking partner, and business enabler. This is possible thanks to the broadly supported technological know-how, in-depth product and technology knowledge, and years of practical experience of a dedicated team of consulting and support specialists. This is also true of the practically oriented work by the engineering and support team at BOLL. It offers competent first-level support on behalf of the developer and helps channel partners to analyze and solve problems, as well as developing and providing made-to-measure solutions. BOLL partners can use this technical support free of charge. A further cornerstone of lasting success for all stakeholders is our own «Premier Authorized Training Center» (ATC) in Wettingen and Lausanne. Whether (product) training with manufacturer certification, non-product-dependent cybersecurity training sessions, tech briefing, or morning sessions: BOLL does its utmost to assure continuous know-how transfer to its clients. The value-added distributor (VAD) BOLL reinforces this even further through its helpful tech blogs.

Another central component is the range of services provided by the professional BOLL distribution center. It ensures that the right products are at the right place at the right time-and obviously in the right amount and the right configuration (staging services). The services offered by BOLL also include extensive export services. Employees with highly specified know-how and years of experience in export ensure shipment according to specifications. This is particularly important, for example, when exporting so-called dual-use goods.

The best address for innovative suppliers

Leading cybersecurity solutions are the foundation of successful work. But this is not enough. Other factors relevant to success include the assets of a dedicated and experienced value-added distributor, a long-term thinking partner who does the utmost for the brand in question, who knows the market and the main body of resellers, system integrators, and MSSPs who can act as a door opener, accelerating market access. With BOLL, innovative suppliers rely on an experienced, competent, and highly dedicated distributor which has shown on multiple occasions that it is the perfect contact both for new brands and for established, big solution providers. It constantly drives market building, generates growth and, in every phase of the development, take into account the changing requirements and needs of the manufacturer. The following prime examples illustrate that long years of mentoring can be described as the key to joint success. For more than 20 years, BOLL has been the distributor of cybersecurity solutions for Fortnet and has been working with WatchGuard for more than 25 years. This proves that BOLL is the right partner both for new and innovative brands breaking into the market and also for big, established manufacturers with volume business. From the newcomer to the dominant solution provider: BOLL accompanies manufacturers through all the phases of their development.

Successful together

Important aspects for successful joint work also include other factors such as minimal staff turnover, guaranteeing continuity for suppliers and clients. Other factors are nearly 30 years of experience in the area of IT security as well as a close relationship with the whole partnership network in all language regions (in Switzerland alone BOLL has close relationships to about 900 partners in the IT security sector, ranging from small resellers to globally active system integrators and MSSPs) as well as well-supported engineering and technology competence in areas such as support, training, sales and product management. Other factors relevant to success include, to name a few, slim structure, short decision paths and maximum flexibility of the owner-managed, self-financed and therefore independent VAD. This is combined with in-house ERP solutions which allow changing processes within the framework of growth, and these are different for every manufacturer. Extensive logistic, staging, and export services are part of the basic foundation for internationally active partners and big projects.

In BOLL, manufacturers of innovative cybersecurity solutions have a reliable partner who they can count on long-term and who works in the whole of the DACH region. The branches in Germany and Austria which are currently being set up benefit from the groundbreaking services provided by BOLL Switzerland. They make sure that even markets which are being set up or their respective resellers can operate successfully. And all of this for the sake of lasting success and growth for all stakeholders.